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About us

That enjoy rock invites exhibit hold tengchong in yunnan tea factory co., LTD was built1988Years,Since its establishment,The party committees at all levels、Under the government's concern and support,Under the joint efforts of all staff,Rely on science and technology,The implementation of brand strategy,Has now developed into a tea growing、Processing、Acquisition、Provincial key leading enterprise of sales through-train。Company existing staff670People,There are tea refining plant2A,At the beginning of one factory15A,Associated materials of tea49A,Annual production and processing capacity6000Tons,The production and business operation in good condition。2001That enjoy rock invites exhibit hold years brand for 15 listed by the provincial government of the province key support the development of one of the top ten famous brand,2003In tea plantation base and products of the company is Beijing green China organic food certification center certification of organic tea,In the same year10That enjoy rock invites exhibit hold on trademark was named the famous trademark in yunnan province。2010Years12Month21, the company by the ministry of agriculture as the second batch of national agricultural products processing industry demonstration enterprise。2011Year company was identified as an innovative pilot enterprises in yunnan province。2013Years was identified as small and mid-sized enterprise in yunnan province。2013Company in water and organic tea garden was identified as yunnan province agricultural science and technology demonstration garden;2013Year company was identified as deep processing of agricultural products in yunnan province science and technology enterprises。2015Year company identified as the national high-tech enterprises。 The company is located in tengchong county of yunnan province,Is located in east longitude98059846,Northern latitude23382552之... To view more

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That enjoy rock invites exhibit hold black tea series products:Black tea、Red broken tea。Annual production processing capacity1000Tons。Choose guarantee baoshan tengchong county of yunnan province trees large leaf tea leaves as raw material,The flag、Rolling、Fermentation、Dry and refined processing technology is made...